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Installing Piio Images on WordPress

1. Get your Domain Key#

The Piio Images library uses a Domain Key to identify your website and where the images are hosted. If you haven't created an account and added your first domain, follow the steps after signing up for a free account here.

2. Install the plugin#

Install like any other plugin by searching Piio on the plugins section.

In case you need to download Piio Images plugin manually click here.

3. Plugin Settings#

After activating the plugin follow this steps to ensure everything is correctly set up.

If your are using other plugins for Image Optimization or that have Lazy Loading capabilities, disable them or disable any features related. Piio Images will take care of the Lazy Loading and the optimization of all your images.

  • Navigate to Piio plugin's settings. You can access directly by clicking Piio's logo on the left menu.
  • Set Images Optimize Enable to Yes.
  • Enter the Domain Key. You can also find it on your Piio Dashboard.
  • Remember to purge your cache. If you do not use one, consider using WP Super Cache.
  • Click Save and happy optimizing.